We will work to improve commuter traffic.

  • As your next Charles County Commissioner for District 1, I will make transportation and investment in roads, bridges, and transportation infrastructure a top priority. I will continue to build upon my already strong relationships with our state and national elected officials who will play a large role in obtaining the funding needed for major transportation projects.
  • The most effective way we can improve commuter traffic will be through attracting and increasing the amount of high-paying jobs right here in Charles County. 


We will work to properly educate our children while providing a safe atmosphere for students and faculty. 

  • I am committed to the ongoing education of our children and young professionals in our community. As a parent of students in Charles County Public Schools, I am committed to providing the funding needed to ensure our children are prepared for the 21st century workforce, whether that be through college preparation or vocational skills. I will also continue to strengthen my already strong relationships with education leaders in the county to ensure that the safety of children, teachers, and school staff are placed at the highest priority.
  • I will work with our local Board of Education to ensure Charles County Public Schools are attracting and retaining diverse, properly compensated and well-qualified teachers.

ECONOMIC Development

We will work to bring high paying jobs to Charles County.

  • As a small business owner, I am committed to creating a business-friendly atmosphere within Charles County Government by:
    • Streamlining the permitting process
    • Investing in infrastructure needed to attract employers
    • Working with state leaders to provide tax incentives for businesses to relocate to Charles County
    • Create public-private partnerships to broaden opportunities for small businesses in Charles County
  • As a partner in a family farm operation, I know the importance of supporting small businesses while also protecting the environment. We will fight for both. We will do this by restoring truth, trust, and transparency in county government.

Public Safety

We will work to create safer communities.

  • I am committed to working with the Sheriff's Department, Fire Departments, and emergency personnel to ensure those agencies have the resources needed for a safe and secure Charles County. I will use my 18 years of experience in public safety to build relationships with state and federal partners that can provide the necessary funding for our public safety needs.